Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ramblings and Bithday Resolutions

So I spent the better part of the morning reading about my buddy Dr. MookieLove’s trip to New Orleans (pronounced: now-lynn-zz). Sounds very interesting, I think I would like to see it some day. He was awesome enough to bring me back a very cool Voodoo doll. For prosperity and success I think (I don’t have the little tag in front of me). He said that he didn’t know if it was genuine, but he said the lady he bought it from was genuine creepy. It’s very cool. All you could hope for in a Voodoo doll.

And I watched Employee Of The Month last night with From Russia with Love. Very formulaic and Jessica Simpson is a horrible actress, but it did have some funny parts which made it worth at least watching once.

So as soon as I finish this entry, I am going to get started on some homework. I know I say that a lot in here, but it really is all that I’m doing. I promise. There is NOTHING new and exciting to write about. Just work, school, homework, a little time with From Russia with Love and then all over again (wash, rinse and repeat).

Last but not least: this is my final blog entry at the age of 24. Too soon I will be getting yet another year older and another day patiently waiting for the rest of my life to get here. That’s just the thing: all I seem to be doing is working for the soon, and not enjoying the now. Maybe I should start a new tradition. It will be along the lines of a New Year’s Resolution, but a Birthday Resolution. The main difference will be that you are supposed to take this one seriously. It will be easier than a New Years because it is the day when you realize how old you are and what you have (not) accomplished through out your life, not just the last year. Mine this year will be a “stop and smell the roses” type of thing. There is a significant amount in my life that I think could also be bettered by a “glass is half full” out look. I do try on that, really I do. However upon viewing the metaphoric beverage in question, my default response is usually one of the following:

1. Not only is the glass half empty, but the water is dirty.

2. I ordered coffee.

So take my suggestion to heart and try it out (I know I will. I need a change, and I’m sure you might as well). And if you forget about this idea, don’t worry: you will be reminded constantly when my birthday is a national holiday.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Busy Couple of "Daze"

Well, what to blog about today? The Photography page is not quite coming along as planned, but I am working on it.

A little tired today. Went to sleep for about an hour and then awoke unable to return. I then watched the latter half of Hostel. It’s a good thing From Russia with Love was not there- she hates those movies. I usually don’t mind them, but this was awful. I didn’t think it was possible to make a movie with a prop as a star. But, live and learn, this did indeed have 150 gallons of fake blood in the leading role (sad when the stars are out-acted by an inanimate object-not that I expected much more anyway). Everything was just less than poorly done (and not funny poorly done, which is what I like and was hoping for).

Buddy had to take a short trip back to the Mechanic to have another repair done. But the car is running smoothly again. Apparently all it needed was a new “last leg”.

Classes are getting more complicated and the homework is getting a little rough. The semester is like a forest, I can still see they way out but the trees just keep getting a little taller (it’s got me talking in metaphors, how bad is that?). That was made a little worse by the car crapping out again on my way to class yesterday.

Work got a little crazy today as well. If I was actually running around like a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off I would be having a much easier day. Hence I have done no homework and will need to void all plans this evening to get that done.

That’s why I needed a little comfort food. For lunch I went to Wienerschnitzel and ordered a chili cheese burger, chili cheese dog, chili cheese fries and a chili cheese Pepsi.

I ate most of it, except for the fries. By time I got around to those the cheese had turned into a thick cold mass of grease. Grease needs to follow what I like to call the “M&M’s law of viscosity”. The application of this law to the situation at hand is simply put: “grease needs to solidify in your arteries, not in your hand”. Proof of this theorem: hart attacks and love handles taste better warm. I think every one can agree to that.

And now I must return to the grind to finish off what’s left of my shift.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Labs and the return of Buddy

There’s a lot to write about today, but its mostly school. So let’s get started shall we!

Lab P.S. & E. II – Brownian Motion- do you ever wonder if you eyes are going to deflate and leak out of your head before the day is through? If you want to reproduce that terrible sensation, try observing a fun phenomenon called Brownian Motion. That is basically observing microscopic objects (in this case some pollen- I think) making weird zig zag motions caused by molecular collisions. We basically took a solution of this stuff and placed it under a microscope. The microscope has a built in video camera, and we made about 35 to 40 frames of a time lapse recording at 1 frame per second. When you replay the framed you have to watch the particles and track their displacement. The hard part comes in when the particles “sink” out of the depth of field for the microscope lens. That means we had to watch tons of particles and find ones that didn’t “disappear”. Over 33 frames of watching individual particles pout of hundreds. Just typing that makes my brain want to deflate and leak out my ears. I’m glad I don’t have to do that again.

In other news my car is back from the dead, and without voodoo, which is what I was thinking I was going to need to resort to. There was apparently a clog in both my fuel pump and fuel filter, and I head bad brakes and also leaky break lines, and a leaky transmission. But that’s all fixed now, so buddy has gone from leaky leaky to clean squeaky (and thank you Mom and Dad for being patient and helping me)!

And now I work. Until 1 AM. Oh joy of joys. So that means more homework. That’s pretty much my life when I am in school. I have to tell my friends that I came down with a bad case of Scholasticitis and doctors had to amputate my social life. But don’t worry, I hear it can grow back.


Monday, September 10, 2007

The Devil is in the Details

There’s not a lot that can bring your dull daily routine to a disgusting realization than when you’re trying to write about it. It sort of beats you over the head with how un-adventurous life can be. I am in school working towards something. That’s what keeps me going on a lot of it I suppose. I can say to myself: “yeah, it’s mundane and Omni-time-consuming, but at least it’s for something better.” Or at least I hope so. From Russia with Love says I should write a book, but maybe just a few short stories to start off with. Anyway, without further adieu here are the tedious details of my classes:

Calculus III- taking derivatives and integrals of vectors and their special properties.

Modern Optics I&II- thin lenses and the diffraction of light through them, and the corresponding focal points.

Lab for P.S. & E. II- won’t really have anything until tomorrow afternoon.

This also leads me to wonder exactly what I am going to do with my Physics degree (which is a common question I get asked when I tell people what my major is). Here are a few goals of mine:

1. Attach 4 giant metal arms to my back and do battle with a fellow nerd in a blue and red spiderthemed costume.

2.Invent artificial intelligence so my car can turn into a 20 foot robot.

3.Perfect a doomsday device and conquer all of humanity.


5.Something useful.

Now it’s work for the rest of the evening. I have a little bit of homework that I am going to start as soon as I get done with this blog entry. The assignment is on Brownian Motion.
I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

On another note, my buddy Dr. MookieLove is going to New Orleans tomorrow. I’m going to ask him to go to a witch doctor so he can bring me back a resurrected chicken. And maybe a voodoo doll as well. That would be cool. And give me a little more spice in my routine. I would still be mostly repeating the same mindless tasks, but I could say “I did it with a voodoo doll”. What could I possibly name a voodoo doll I wonder?


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sermons and Semantics

Good morning! Let’s start off the Sabbath with a reading from the book of St. Anthony:

And he said unto the masses: ‘Drink-eth the Energy Drink for is the blood of my blood and the flesh of my flesh, as I am-eth as I consume-eth.’”

“And yea did he disperse the Energy Drinks, Red Bull of regular and sugar free, and RockStar of Diet and Mango, Guava and Pomegranate. Behold-eth and notice the omitance of regular for the tartness cause-eth the sucking in of the cheeks and crossings of the eyes and other sins of facial contortions.”

“And yea did the people imbibe the nectar of the gods. And yea did they take-eth to flight, and spring from ceiling to floor and wall to wall and from apse to nave. Praise be for the buttresses for they did withstand the takings place.”

“Yea did the Energy Drinks ware-eth off, and they did take-eth from flight to sleep. Behold upon the awakening they enjoyed the laborings of the Baker and the nourishment of the cow and they did behold-eth Televised Animated Programs.


Now that I’ve just stuffed myself stupid on Arby’s, there’s really not much more to say as of yet.

And another thought about yesterday’s blog: when I get my lab, I would like it in a large spacious brick walled cellar. It will need to be at the bottom of a long winding staircase, and the staircase will need to be behind some sort of rotating book shelf. Awesome. I may also be hiring for a hunched back lab assistant. Large hunch a must. I will keep all of you posted as to when I am accepting resumes. The hot chick lab assistant I’ve got covered (love you honey!).

And now I shall return to the real world and practical issues. School is going well. As is work. Work is mostly slow today, but I just haven’t been in the mood for home work. It is a Sunday and I really don’t have that much anyway. I will just go home and read a good book maybe. Until From Russia with Love gets off work anyway.

I’m outie yall’!