Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three Days Of No Deals.

Good evening everyone,

Let’s start off things with Saturday. That morning the RC Willey across the street from my work hosted auditions for the game show Deal Or No Deal. Needless to say, things were a little hectic upon my arrival for work on that morning. Cars were lined up both sides of the street, people darting across the road in all directions, and our building maintenance guy was sitting outside asking to see IDs just so we could park in our own parking lot. So leaving any where for any reason was a joke. The ‘people watching’ was good though. One guy actually painted himself green. Yes, that’s right; he airbrushed his entire body lime green. You have to do something drastic I suppose to stand out in a crowd of 4,000 and an 8 hour wait just for a 10 second audition.

So in light of the above situation, I have decided to do a couple of updates in a deal or no deal format:

One of my favorite co-workers goes on maternity leave, and she will be back at the end of the month…Deal?

No Deal- she had problems with coming back part time, and was going to be ‘demoted’ in a way. So she decided to come in today to resign…

One of the biggest pains of my job was supposed to be going away on Friday. It was supposed to be transferred to our Omaha Center effective Saturday morning, and it is going to be out of my hair from now on…Deal?

No Deal- the Omaha Center ‘dropped the ball’ on this so to speak. The transition went poorly, and I had the weekend filled not only with the normal nuisances of this task, but also getting the rest of the transition in order for them.

I was planning on doing my laundry the other day so I might un-crowd my room. Not to mention I am in short supply of clean ‘shorts’. So- do my laundry yesterday…Deal?

No Deal- we had a back-up in our water pipes and had to have the plumbers out to our hose twice to clear the lines. My laundry pile now intimidates the best of the best mountain climbers, and today marks the wearing of my last official clean pair of underwear.

I replaced the coolant reservoir in my car a few months back so it would run smoothly and not hemorrhage bright green fluid…Deal?

No Deal- the cap on this replaced reservoir seems to be dysfunctional, and now when I park my car on a non level surface, or turn it off when it is hot it spews the green crap like a sprinkler.

To get rid of my ‘call center employee physique’ I need to exercise and not eat fast and greasy food...Deal?

No Deal- the avoidance of this particular type of food is surprisingly harder than it would seem, and I am way too tired to exercise in the mornings. I just end up hitting the Snooze button more now since it goes off earlier.

Since Bubbles left for Vegas, I told her we would be in touch, and stay good friends…Deal?

No Deal- I am terrible at this sort of thing (didn’t mention that to her before she left) and now she probably thinks that I am a really bad friend/person.

Since I have only about a week left in classes, I am going to assume that professors can plan lectures and home work so they do not pile up on the last week…Deal?

No Deal- All of my classes are playing catch-up in one form or another, and it is getting crazy.

Since the announcement of the layoffs here at work, we are supposed to move into our new center area as soon as possible, and we can continue business as usual…Deal?

No Deal- there has been one delay after another, and my place of work is feeling more and more like a chop-shop with all of the ‘de-construction’.

The new hires here on my desk are going to be trained in an efficient and professional manner…Deal?

No Deal- there was actually no training schedule made, and they all show up at the same time for their training. When they do that, all of the work is done in like 15 minutes, and they end up not getting very much training at all.

When other employees see us doing the best we can when there is not much training to be done and we all seem to be sitting around with nothing to do, they will be professional and mind their own business…Deal?

No Deal- we get an angry email telling us there is too much socializing and not enough training going on, and we are being un-professional…

In other news From Russia with Love’s father finally came over from… well… Russia. I have yet to meet him, and from what she says he might not like me that much. So we will see how that turns out. She may just end up moving out with her sisters. She also says that from the way he is, our current ‘time together’ schedule may cause some problems (she has to be out late, and him being a more ‘traditional’ type of guy, he may not approve).

Well, as if you haven’t guessed the last few days have not been the most desirable. But it could have been a lot worse, and the majority of the circumstances are out of my hands. I have been in a surprisingly good mood, and despite conflicting schedules with the girlfriend, all is well with the world. So I suppose I can just stop and smell the roses and roll with the punches…Deal?