Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Post of Spring Semester

Good evening every one!

The new semester of school has officially kicked off, and is it a doozie. The classes are interesting, and the professors good (so far). So how about we start the new check list!

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, and Intro to Quantum Mechanics and Relativity- I have lumped these two classes together for the time being, because they have both started out the same, with the behavior of molecules and the ideal gas equations and such. Pretty boring actually, because this is a throw back to General Chemistry 1.

Theoretical Electromagnetism- this is going to be hard. A course that I took a while ago, Physics 2210, the hardest problems in this section of that course are the easiest in this one. Not only that, the professor is covering them as a review. I am going to need a lot of reading and studying for this one. I have a feeling that this is the new “Modern Optics” situation last semester.

Ther things- have been going well. Except for car inspection places. You know, to get the safety and IM done. I have yet to see a competent one. There was one that I quit going to because they flunked my car because the automatic seat belt track on the door was not working. Well, it was working, they just did not turn the car on. Go figure. Then From Russia with Love had problems with another place yesterday. They flunked her car for having window tint over the brake light in the back window. Apparently, she cannot have that, however it has been there since she bought the car, and it was the same place that passed her last time with no problem. We spoke with the grease monkey retard, who was ridiculously overweight, and had one of those faces that you know you are going to have to speak to in small words about the problem. He was of course no help, but thankfully his name was on his shirt so he knows how to spell it.

From Russia with love is also taking classes this semester, and she is really excited about them. She has a full load of Chemistry, Math and Biology (her possible major). I will keep you all posted on her classes as I can.

That’s pretty much it for me today. See ‘ya tomarri.