Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, this is it. The last one...

...for this blog that is. I needed a change of pace to get back to the online blogosphere. I need to get back though.

Please visit the new blog, A|P OFF SUBJECT here:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Past Few Months

Well folks,

Here I am. Back online for the first time in, I don’t know, months.


  • Single now.
  • School is almost done.
  • Still employed.
  • Been taking more pictures.
  • Got a new car.

My brother and Cheesecake recently got their own place. That’s good fro them. I think they like it.

At the risk of coming off like a whiny little shit, all I really have to say is: “I hate the snow”. I know, I live in Utah, and have gone through this bitter hell-hole everyone calls ‘winter’ every year of my life. But that does not mean I have to like it. Every time my fingers get numb and my shoes covered in that sticky white crap, I think moving to Arizona is a damn fine Idea.

It looks like I am going to be spending New Years in Las Vegas. I will keep every one posted on how that goes. I am pretty excited for it too. It has been years since I had time to have fun in Vegas. The last time was, to say the least, ‘rushed’… and this time I don’t have to sit through Carrot Top, everyone’s favorite failed comedy abortion.

As for the first of the “Updates”; yes, after 5 years it is now officially over with she who now shall be called “Nuttier Than Squirrel Shit”. It is not exactly a recent development. It’s been about 5-ish weeks I think. And before you have to ask, yes, I am doing fine. My daily routine has not changed all that much. I think that has made it a bit easier. Work and school or both, every day for 8 to 15 hours… I am so glad to finally be getting done with that.

Now, do you see why I haven’t been blogging much lately? There’s just not a lot to say.

Maybe that is a sign I need to start doing something more interesting with my life…


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unexpected Adventure in Tampa


It obviously has been quite a while since I have been online. To tell you the truth, nothing much has happened this summer. I worked, went to school and that’s about it. Wash rinse repeat.

I finally got out of town last week. Went to Disney World!

I will have pictures soon (maybe). They are a bit of a pain in the ass to upload to blogger.

And yesterday, on the flight home I had to ride the inflatable slide out the plane door!!! Need proof? Click here or here.

Pretty much right after takeoff, the flight was quite painfully normal. The stewardess got our drink orders and such, and I was happily reading. Then there was a high pitched whistle coming from the back of the plane. Turns out that it was a fire alarm. I did not know it yet.

The stewardess said that they were going to hold off on bringing us our drinks, and they sat down, along with everyone, with the seat belts fastened. Then From Russia with Love notices that the sun was coming through the windows on the wrong side of the plane.

After she brought that to my attention, I also thought that it was a bit odd. We had, in fact, turned around.

Then the pilot came on the speaker, and said “We have had some technical problems, and are going to be landing in Tampa in about 10 minutes”.

Then a few people started to freak out and what-not. I kept my cool, because I am awesome like that.

When we landed in Tampa, the plane stopped in the runway, and about 3 or more fire trucks and police cars drove up to the plane. We had to stay seated while they did whatever it is they had to do. You know, inspecting this and that. Then the intercom came on again “Attention passengers. We are going to be evacuating the plane. Please leave all belongings, and head to the nearest exit.”

I filed down the isle of confused people, and when I got to the door, the stewardess told me to fold my arms and jump. I did, right down the inflatable slide. It was kind of fun actually. Best de-boarding ever. We were taken in large groups away from the plane. We waited for the buses to come and take us to the terminal, and watched firemen and police look at the plane.

The worst part was actually watching the other passengers. There was the fat guy with no hair and a shiny red face who got scraped on the way don the slide, talking with his wife and hysterical daughter about a potential lawsuit, and an older nerdy guy with square glasses bitching about not having any food, and cutting in every line we had to get into. Those are the kind of people that always die in the first few minutes of a disaster movie, and need a swift kick in the balls in real life.

All in all, it was about a two hour delay, and finally something to blog about. I will update with details on Disney World later when I have more time.

It’s good to be back in the blogiverse!!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Get THIS....

Ok folks… where do I begin? Last week overall really REALLY sucked. However, Monday was a fantastic holiday spent with the family and From Russia with Love, and Tuesday I spent a total of 12 hours working between the hours of 7:30 am and midnight, nothing out of the ordinary or too exciting. The real fun begins with Wednesday. Let's start there:


When I went to the gas station to get my coffee, like I do every morning on my way to school. When I went to make my purchase, it turns out my credit card was declined. Assuming banks are human and can make a mistake here and there, I thought “I will just go to class and deal with it after. It’s probably something stupid”.

After class, I got on the computer at the Physics Library, and looked at the online banking information. To my surprise, there were 2 different charges of $100 each from a store in El Paso , Texas . I thought that quite odd, considering I have never been to Texas . How could this be?

Some asshole has my credit card number.

My first call was to the bank to report the fraud, and to cancel my card numbers, both debit and credit. After a lengthy conversation, my numbers were canceled, and I needed to file a fraud report with the police department. Being downtown already, I thought I would go into the nearest police station to get the information for the bank. I left the Physics building and began the walk to my car, pondering how the hell someone could get that number, considering the card was in my possession the whole time.

Once I got to my car, a realization hit me like a ton of bricks. No, it was not that I figured out who has my card information, but the fact that I have no cash… And no credit or debit cards.

And I am in a pay lot.

I drove up to the parking attendant and explained my situation, and just asked for a ticket that I could pay later, which is usually what happens. But in this case, no. the girl asked for my driver’s license, and copied down some information, which took a while. Then this lovely conversation took place:

Parking Attendant: “I need to take pictures of your car”

Me, a little puzzled: “ok…”

Parking attendant: “I need pictures of your license plates and VIN number.”

Me: “Uh… ok. Would you like me to pose in front?”

She commenced taking the pictures, and my eyes wondered into the rear view mirror. There were two cars behind me, and I saw the drivers in each rolling their eyes, and making obviously frustrated faces. The kind of frustrated gestures one only makes in hopes someone (me) is looking.

Embarrassed, I finally drove off with the ticket. For 3 dollars. That I now have to drive all the way back up and pay later.

Downtown, I walk into the police department, and I find the general “icky” ambiance, and a large window in front made of 4-inch thick glass and no one there. To the left was another window, also with the same glass, and someone talking behind it. I made my way to the window, and said I need to fill out a fraud report. Pointing to the other window, he said “see the officer there”

I looked over my shoulder to the empty booth with the thick glass, and thought “ok, fine.”

The officer finally showed himself, and I explained my situation. His first question was “do you live here in the city?”

My reply was “no, I was just on my way down from school, and thought I would stop and try to take care of this.”

Officer, annoyed: “no, you need to go through [city of my residence] police department.”

Again, I thought, ok, fine. I have to go home anyway, I know where it’s at, and I will take care of it then. But first, I need to have my laptop swept for viruses. I got home, grabbed my laptop and charger, and made my way over to the computer store. I dropped it off without any problems, and was told that it might be a couple of days. I told them I was fine with that. Now, it was off to the police department. I arrived at the police department, and when I went in, there was an officer standing by a metal detector and an x-ray machine, like the ones at the airport. Behind him, there was another room, filled with booths and windows of that same 4-inch thick glass, and a phone in the corner. The officer had watched me come in, and asked how he might be able to help me. I told him about the events of the day, and that I needed to fill out a fraud report as instructed by the bank. The officer then told me that I had to go through the El Paso police department, and that there was nothing they could do about it. He told me to call dispatch on the phone in the other room, and get the number for the El Paso police department. I got to the phone, dialed the number he gave me, and a young girl answered the phone. She did not sound like she could have been any more than 16 years old, and had the mentality of a 12 year old. this was the conversation that ensued, after she answered the phone:

Girl: "[city of my residence] police and fire dispatch, this is Girl, how may I help you?"
Me: "Yeah, this is going to sound kinda strange, but I need the phone number to the El Paso , Texas police department."
Girl, a little off guard: "Umm... I don't have that... and I can't look it up. Umm... we had our internet... um... taken away. I don't have umm... like Google or anything to get that. You can't do that yourself?"
Me; confused, annoyed and loosing all faith in humanity: "I suppose I will have to then. Thank you."

I got out of the police department, and made my way over to the nearest branch of my bank to get new card numbers, and cards that work. That went off without a hitch fortunately. That is, without a hitch until I asked the bank teller I was working with to find the number for the El Paso police department. I explained my day, and got the phone number at the bank. I also got the numbers to the three credit bureaus to put the fraud alert on my social number just to be safe.

Back at home, I called one of the credit bureaus to place the alert. The automated machine that placed the alert said that the other two have been informed as well. I wanted to be sure. So I still requested to speak with a representative. She assured me that the alert would be forwarded to the other two bureaus, and not to worry about that. Then, she tried to sell me some $14.95 per month program for credit monitoring and safety crap... all things you can do yourself for free if you know how. She was very persistent, and from the sound of it, she was quite used to talking to scared and panicked people who are willing to throw more money at the problem to feel safe again... blood-suckers. I hung up, and went to the next order of business: Texas .

I made a call to El Paso . This is how that conversation went:

EPPD: " El Paso Police Department, how may I direct your call?"
Me: "Yes, I actually live in [city of my residence], and I need to fill out a fraud report because I have had some charges come through from your city."
EPPD: "Please call this number, xxx-xxx-xxxx"
Me: "thank you."

I called that number she gave me, my second long distance call, and I was told this: "You need to go through your police department there. We can't do anything about that."

Thoroughly annoyed, I drove back to the police department. I was greeted by a different officer by the x-ray machine and metal detector. I had to explain the whole situation to him, and he came back and told me the same thing the other one did: you have to go through El Paso . I said I wanted to talk to dispatch again anyway, and he pointed the way back to the phone:

Girl: "[city of my residence] police and fire dispatch, this is Girl, how may I help you?"
Me: "I need to talk to an officer about some fraudulent charges on my account, and file a report."
Girl: "Where were the fraudulent charges made?"
Me: " El Paso , Texas ."
Girl: "You need to go through the police department there."
Me: "No. I need to talk to an officer here."
Girl: "Ok... can I get a contact number?"
Me: "Sure, xxx-xxx-xxxx. When can I expect a call? I have to go to work soon..."

I am not going to type the rest of that conversation, but rest assured -- it was the same brainless runaround they had been giving me all day. I told them I would deal with it tomorrow, and made my way off to work for the night.


I had 4 things on my ‘to-do’ list.

1. Call police department, get case number for bank.

2. Pick up laptop, because there were no viruses or anything of the like.

3. Go to school, and pay my parking ticket. For 3 dollars.

4. Talk to the bank; get more details on what the next steps were as far as the fraud report and getting reimbursed the $200.

I called the dispatch for the police department. Again, this time with a guy, I went around in circles about which city’s department I had to go through. I told him I did not care-- and to have an officer call me anyway.

Made my way over to the bank, and had a pleasant conversation, and got all the information that I needed. Apparently, the fraud report of the bank that I had to fill out was going to be mailed to me. I also picked up my laptop without any problems. I drove up to school (in horrendous traffic) and paid my parking ticket. For 3 dollars. And went back home.

The officer called me after I got home, and was surprisingly helpful. She gave me her name and a case number, which is what I needed for the bank, and all I cared to get. After getting things settled, I went to work for the evening. When I got home, Mom told me that there was a letter from my bank on my bed. "Great, that got here quick" I thought "that's the fraud report... that I finally have the information for. I can get that done and sent back tomorrow."

And went to bed thinking all was right with the world. That relaxed feeling that one gets when a day's work is done, and all is done well. That feeling would be short lived. That fantastic feeling of accomplishment and "being out of the woods" so to speak is soon to be shattered the next morning when I opened the letter from the bank.


When I woke up, I got some other stuff together to take to the bank; my tuition payment, deposits, etc. and proceeded to open the letter that I thought was the fraud report. As I have hinted, it was not a fraud report.

It was a Missed Payment letter, informing me of an outstanding loan balance... and the resulting late fee.

To make things worse, this was a late notice for a loan I paid off in November. November! Imagine my surprise.

Apparently, the loan did not go away when I made the lump sum payoff online all those months ago, and interest on $0 over the last few months came to one cent. That's right folks; ONE CENT! This is how the missed payment/past due notice/you're a deadbeat/ pay us now asshole letter read:

Normal Scheduled payment: $135.00
Outstanding Balance: $0.01
Late Fee: $15.00
Total Amount Due: $15.01

Frustrated, confused and tired-of-it-all, I made my way to the bank. Again.

When I got to the bank, I went to the teller, and told them I needed to speak to someone about some fraud I have had on my account, and a loan problem I have. They told me to have a seat, and someone will be with me shortly.

Who was I greeted with? Her name was L, and thankfully, she was the nicest I-know-what’s-going-on person. She took care of the loan, and waived the fee, and got me the penny back. We had a good laugh over that. I then proceeded to tell her about the events of the week, and she took a look at my account summary. I told her that I had the $200 charged in El Paso , Texas . The conversation went like this:

Me: “Yeah. It was pretty bad. There were two $100 charges at some hick-ville food mart."
L: “Yes. I see those... but these others are yours then?"
Me, confused: "What others?"
L: "The other three charges. All at 7-11's for $75 each."
Me: "... um... well, shit."

The damn things took a few days to post. The total now is at $425 that sum' bitch has run up on me. Fortunately, L made a fraud report right then and there that I filled out and signed. I did not have the case number, so I had to call her back with that. I went home, and called the dispatch again. This time with a case number and an officer's name to avoid the run around they had been giving me. The officer returned my call, and I reported the additional charges, and got the case number to the bank.

Now, here’s hoping that everything is settled, and life can return to the usual. Felling good again, From Russia with Love took me to the B.A.Sh. just in time to see The Offspring play. Good times.

But the real kick in the pants still remains: I have no Idea how in the hell that rat bastard got my credit card number...


Monday, May 18, 2009

Back... Kind-Of.

I don't have much to say. School just ended, I worked (a lot) and now I'm going back for summer semester. I may start the checklist thing again, because I really don't have much else to post.

Oh, and my reviews for Wolverine and Star Trek are up on The Cinema Project if you would like to take a gander (link on the left, labeled accordingly).

Have a great night all!

More frequent posts to come! I promise!


Monday, April 20, 2009

New Nerdy Stuff

Good afternoon everyone,

I think I have finally found a good way to display math equations on this blog. Please let me know if you can see this as an equation, or just ML crap:




so it appears that I can't see this equation stuff on my home computer either, and that's because IE requires a special plug in to read the java crap that makes it into an equation. I have been looking for some quick and easy way to do math equations in HTML, but there does not appear to be one. Damn. Time to keep looking, for a better way... and not just have only certain browsers be able to see it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Four Fifteen and Counting...

Good afternoon everyone,

It’s another spring day here in Salt Lake City. That means it’s snowing, and two days ago it was almost 70. Not to mention that, but the drive to school was a little choked up by protestors. That is going to launch the huge rant I have below. But first, a couple of cool movie tid-bits:

  • Gostbusters 3 is now in full swing to start shooting, with the original cast.

  • Sin City 2 is gaining momentum, with more actors in talks to take on the roles. But there still looks to be a 2010 release date.
  • The second Halloween from Rob Zombie is in full production, and there have been some stills released, and the look awesome.

And, well here we go; my Political Pissings, as promised:

Like I said before, I do not want to turn this blog into a huge political rant, but these people just piss me off. They are protesting large government spending, and unsustainable deficits in the government budget, and “tax hikes”. Sounds like a reasonable thing to protest right?

Well, no. the truth of the matter is, yes, no one wants higher taxes, every one wants a financially stable government and yada yada yada… but the problem here is that these protests are being organized and fueled by people with no solutions to the problem. All they are doing is whining and complaining. And to add to the absurdity, most of the protestors are middle class working Americans who are actually going to benefit from the new President’s tax plans and tax reform, much of it already rolling in the stimulus package… that they are also protesting.

And when I say they do not have a solution, I mean a practical solution. The Republicans shit bricks when they saw the new budget. Well, what would a rational person do when something like that comes along? Come up with an alternative!

Did they? Short answer: Yes, Long answer: No. yes they did propose a new budget, but it was not that much different than the current budget. In fact, it was almost the same thing but with the deficit stretched out into 5 years or more, instead of just 4. And the biggest difference was the “alternative budget” called for re-instating Bush’s tax plan and undoing the stimulus package. The only point it served was to politically “butt heads”.

Now ask yourself, what did all that rant above have to do with the protestors? The answer to that is simple: things have to change. And they do not like the changes. They are being rallied by people who want to use this to gain political momentum, no matter what the issue is.

My justification for this is simple. It all comes down to taxes, and their increase. First, lets have a little history lesson. Did anyone protest Regan when he doubled the national debt? Was there a protest of this magnitude when Bush sr. had to raise taxes (breaking a campaign promise) to pay for all of Regan’s crap? Did any one protest on this scale when Bush jr. repeatedly raised the ceiling on government spending, and doubled our national debt again? Did any one protest on this magnitude when Bush signed a tax code into law that 450 economists (10 of those Nobel Prize recipients) told him not to? No.

Do any of them give credit to Clinton, who at the end of his term, had a surplus of cash, made the largest ever payments on the national debt, and had us on track to pay it off by this year? No. You will never hear about that on any “conservative”* radio show.

This is nothing but a bunch of Republicans, sore about loosing the election, and not willing to face the tough choices that are ahead, and doing nothing about resolving the problem. So go ahead folks, stamp you feet and cry. Or deal with the problems that face our nation like a big kid; and if you don’t like it, offer a different path. Don’t make a mockery of one of the most famous acts of rebellion in America’s history. And when asked about what we should do instead, don’t give the standard Reganomics crap we have been hearing from you for 20+ years. Sure it sounds good in principle, but the fact of the matter is, it does not work. Those tax practices have forced the consumer recession we are in, and those business practices have caused the corporate irresponsibility that have necessitated the bailouts. So, if you have something better, put it out there. Trust me, people will follow. And be sure to use your inside voice.

*I felt that a little explanation was due here. When one hears “conservative” values, the things that come up are: Free market, stable economy, low taxes and smaller government. That set of goals is not just true to the Right, but the Left as well. If you ask any rational liberal what they want the country to be, they will give you that very same list. It’s not the Ends they argue over; it’s the Means. Those radio shows (you know what ones I am talking about) steryotype the other side to the point where it’s just flat not true. The Left is no more socialist, hippie, controlling environmental lunatics than the Right is bible thumping homophobic racist corporate scammers. It goes both ways.

Thank you for reading through my rant. It felt good to vent. I will update when the semester lets out, and hopefully about a more light hearted subject.

Good night all.