Friday, October 12, 2007

Out and About, Optimism and a Failure.

Good news everyone! It wasn’t the flu! I was just getting caught up on some badly needed rest I suppose. I feel right as rain today. And speaking of today, let’s get started shall we:

My Dad woke me up at about 10am this morning to inform me that he was taking my car to be inspected. Having no plans, I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time with my father. We went to the bank, gas station, post office, Mom’s work and to the emissions inspection place. I know that sounded like a narrative from a third grade book report, but a good time was had. There’s really not much else to say. Except about the emissions place. Buddy failed! They even had to bother to put in big red official and humiliating letters at the top ‘REJECTED’, which makes you feel like being tarred and feathered would be a less embarrassing fate. Apparently it just needs a tune-up though. That surprised me at first, and I wanted to explain to the mechanic that we had brought in a car and not a piano (bud-ump-tish). After that I went to Beans & Brews to review and brush up on some school work. That served no other purpose than to remind me how glad I am to be that I’m on break and what little time I have left for doing all that nothing that I wanted to do. I left Beans & Brews heavily caffeinated and went to have lunch with From Russia with Love, then home to take a nap before work. And now here I sit at work until 1am. I don’t mind though, it’s slow and I get to blog.

That’s the show folks. I will be off to Lagoon tomorrow and will let all of you know how that goes.


Amusment park, Work and Mental Outings

What to chat about tonight? Well, today was nice, even though I slept most of the day. I woke up at the crack of 11am and had something to eat, then From Russia with Love came over for a while. After she had some lunch as well, we went to the IKEA store to pick up a goat skin thingy for her youngest sister’s Halloween costume, and of course to meander around a little bit because we really hadn’t been through the entire store. I have to say I was a little disappointed. Most of the stuff seemed tacky and poorly put together, but there were a few good things. Just nothing I couldn’t live without.

Yesterday we had a work outing. “Just to enjoy everyone’s company outside of work” as the boss lady put it. And we did, a good time was had by all. We went bowling of all things, so I got a chance to show off my excellent bowling skills. The second game I scored a 73, a personal best (start laughing…..NOW!). Yeah, I suck at bowling but it was still fun to be with friends. I also feel a little blessed that I get along with my co-workers as well as I do. It really makes a place fun to work at, no matter how bad the job sucks.

It would also seem that I have been working on this post for two days, so please enjoy. Just kidding all, the clock just turned past midnight mid-paragraph above. So technically I was correct. It’s not in what you say; it’s how you say it.

I also traded some shifts around so I could go take From Russia with Love to Lagoon because she has been nagging me to do so for a while (just kidding honey, you weren’t nagging- I love you). We also will have some company there as well. I was having some coffee with my buddy Steve-O, and he mentioned that he has season passes, so we invited him along with us. And while I was in the midst of trading hours off at work, my buddy there (Dr.MookieLove) informed me that he also had plans to go on that day as well. So Saturday is shaping up to be better and better. Assuming that I feel well of course (I was unusually tired and a little achy today, I hope it was from the bowling and lack of sleep- not the flu- that everyone around me at work and home seems to be getting. Including From Russia with Love, whom is on the recovering end of the sniffles).

Tomorrow is probably going to be a little uneventful. I plan on taking a check to the bank, paying my tuition and doing some studying (not because I need to, just so I’m not rusty when school starts again next week). And I’m probably going to commence work on the dark room which is for the time being just a lot of heavy lifting and shifting of boxes and miscellaneous crap. “Sounds like a good time to me” he said with a sarcastic smirk. At least it will take my mind off of the cabin fever I’ve had the past few days, and hopefully not on a real fever.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Break, and Putting Back Together.

Today was indeed rather interesting. I woke up and had lunch with From Russia with Love and her grandmother. We ate at her grandmother’s apartment, and she had made the best apple pie (there’s probably some in the fridge if ya’ll want some), it was more like a cake than a pie, and it had a gooey center like cheesecake. Oh, it was good. After lunch we looked at some old family pictures, which was actually kind of interesting (It was a little wierd the whole time, because I don't speak Russian and her grandmother doesn't speak english, but I had a great time I really did). Now I’m at work, and blogging of course.

And it’s official, fall break is in full swing. I have nothing to do finally (except work, which is tolerable). However I do think I have a mild case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I firmly believe that you can get that from school. I spent most of the day yesterday shuffling around in a bit of a daze, not knowing what to do with myself. All I could think of is “what do I have to do?” and “there must be something?” and to my irritated realization, there is not. No homework. The plans that I had made for the week, especially those of my darkroom, have all encountered a problem or two of sorts. So needless to say, they are becoming bigger and bigger issues instead of activities. The reading I planned to do is going well, but one can only read for so long.

I finished The Body Artist by Don Delillo, and in short (no pun intended, the book is only about a hundred pages or so) it was fantastic. It’s about a woman whose husband kills himself, and she is all alone in this house she rents, and she encounters this guy who has apparently been living there the whole time. Or has he? It’s a book that ends with you thinking “was she crazy or not?” and not to mention the ‘transcending place and time’ metaphysical thing the guy had going, which also leads to the previous ending question “Is this something amazing she is encountering, or is she nuttier than a squirrel turd?”. An awesome read, with of course DeLillo’s fantastic writing.

And movies I guess- I watched the ending of Elvira and the Haunted Hills. And now I want to see the rest. The movie was a little geared toward kids, but really funny none the less. Especially her heartthrob, a ‘bad romance novel cover type’, who was complete with a poorly done voice over and all. Hilarious I think. Or maybe it was the cure for the bad mood I was in that night and not really that funny at all (“is he crazy or not?”), either way I enjoyed myself with some ‘no-IQ-required’ humor. Elvira herself was actually quite chipper considering that she is older than the haunted house in the movie (about 150 or so). I suppose you could consider Elvira living (or not?) proof that you will get older, but you don’t have to grow old.