Friday, April 11, 2008

A Burger By Any Other Name..

Good evening everyone.

I am not going to be doing a school update tonight, because there has been only one class and it was uneventful. Next week is going to be a bit challenging, but I will get through it. Just watch me…

Oh, and I just lied above. I am going to talk about school a little bit more. I signed up for my summer and fall classes, and if everything goes to plan, I will be done in fall! That’s assuming no re-takes though. And the way this semester has been going, that’s a possibility unfortunately.

Now for more from the Personal Life Press:

Problems Enforcing Diet Plan Continue To Surge!

Professor T. ate a burger called a ‘Baconator’ from Wendy’s this afternoon. The slip was reportedly due to a co-worker departing from his place of employment, and Wendy’s was her request for lunch on her final day. The problems in this Diet Plan seem to be shrinking however, and overall progress has been good.

The only other thing that I can think of to do now is update everyone on the ‘ways to announce to the world that you are lame’ observations. Here are today’s findings:

*wearing a sweater over a collared shirt. We need nothing else to say ‘dorky’ without words.

*naming a hamburger a ‘Baconator’.

*being interested in the above mentioned hamburger, because of the name. It’s just a bacon cheeseburger people...

*being a physics major, seeing and doing math equations that would make most people cry, dealing with all kinds of complex concepts, then getting so confused by your own taxes you need to have your girlfriend take them to H&R Block for me this morning…


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keep Looking…

Good evening everyone.

Well, I know it’s been a few days since I have last posted. And let me tell you, they have been a busy couple of days. And busy with what you might ask? School and work. What else. Work has been a little crazy training the new hires, but a lot of fun at the same time. It has definitely made the work day go by a lot faster. When they are done training here in the next week or so, there will be a lot more phone time for me. That’s the only drawback. As for school, let’s do the checklist:

Thermodynamics- this class is just as boring as ever. I had two assignments due this week, and they were surprisingly easy. That either means that the class is getting easier or I have absolutely no understanding of the material.

Theoretical Electromagnetism- We are now covering electromagnetic waves. They are easy to start with, but it is a slippery slope to horrible complication. And we are on that slope now. The last couple of classes have been covering dielectrics and wave guides. The practical applications are pretty common; they are used in DVD players for example. I now have a new appreciation for DVD players, because the math involved in them is so terribly complicated.

Quantum Mechanics and Relativity- I had a midterm in this one today. As far as how I did, we will see. I feel a great deal better about this test than the last one, and am hoping for a substantially better grade. The most recent material covered is the Schrödinger equation, and the applications of. The concepts behind it are very cool, however the act of actually calculating it numbs the brain to an incredible extent.

Other things have been going well I suppose. There has not been too much going on to speak of outside of the above mentioned activities. The other day I went to my buddy Steve-O’s place to catch up. That was nice because I have not seen him in a while. There are way too many friends that I have kept minimal contact with over the past many months. I need to get back in contact with them here and there to let them know that I am still on the face of the earth, and have not dropped off.

Today I saw a custom license plate on a car that simply said: “PG-13”. If there is a better way to announce to the world that you are lame, I would like too see it. In fact, I am going to keep a list of things that I find that announce the lameness of a person to the world. I will publish my findings here periodically. Now for more on the news story that I have been following from the Personal Life Press:

Diet Plans Going, Despite Hang-Ups!

Since the implementation of the diet Plan a few days ago, the progress has been shaky. There has still been consumption of burgers, which are illegal under the new Prohibition. The consumption of them has been drastically reduced however. There is little to no consumption of fast food, which is the primary goal of this plan. The exercise has been missing in action since the start date, and we are waiting for it to come any day now.

This is causing the poll numbers to fall to unfavorable levels for the Department of Will Power. Exercise cannot take place in the morning if this department does not move Professor T. out of bed in the morning when his alarm goes off. Once the Department of Will Power fails, Professor T. is forced to utilize the “Snooze” feature on his alarm, which is the primary delay for exercise.

This Press will keep you posted in the event of any change.

Well, that is about it for me today. Oh, one more thing… I had a co-worker ask me an unusual question yesterday. It was: “What was the most beautiful thing you saw today?”

Sadly, I could not come up with an answer. And why did I use the word ‘sadly’ just now? Well, beauty seen is not beauty wasted. That means she actually asked me what beauty have I not wasted today. That is maybe something we should all ask ourselves every day. It may not be a sunset or a flower, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We all need to stop and smell the roses every now and then, and sometimes the roses can be a little hard to see. But that question will keep you looking…


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Culinary Observations + Other

Good evening everyone,

I don’t have much to blog about today, as my weekend has been pretty much work and work only. I did watch Casino Royale last night in lieu of doing my taxes. That was exciting I guess. Maybe I will leave all of you with a few minor observations that I have made about food in the recent days of my diet:

*Golden Delicious Apples are neither golden nor delicious. They are yellow and moderately tasty.

*Who thought of the name ‘asparagus’ anyway? Not very appetizing if you ask me. In fact, when I hear similar words, my first thought is not “I wonder if I can eat that?”

*Who was the first person to eat a lobster or an oyster? They must have been very very hungry. Or a mushroom for that matter.

*Cream Cheese should never be made in ‘Salmon’ flavor.

*I am not ‘appetized’ by Caviar.

*Frogs and snails are not a food. Being green and slimy is nature’s way of saying “Do Not Eat”.

*Why is an orange the only fruit to have a color named after it? Or be named after a color? We do not call a lemon a ‘yellow’…

*Coffee belongs in the Food Pyramid.

*Whoever designed the Food Pyramid needs to be called Pharaoh Your-Too-Fat.

*‘Buffet’ is French for ‘Trough’.

*Quiche is not a food that you can admit to eating, and have your friends think you are masculine.

That’s all for me tonight folks.