Sunday, April 20, 2008

Play Times and Beyond April

Good morning everyone.

Well, most of the work transitions are in place, and despite a few bumps in the road (gigantic potholes are a more accurate metaphor) things are going pretty good. School is almost over. In fact, I only have 3 more days of classes, then finals. That makes me giddier than, well, I don’t know. But giddy none the less…

And being the weekend and all, I don’t know that I want to do a school update, even though there is some to write about. Right now I just want finals to be over.

Believe it or not, I actually had a day off yesterday! No school and no work! So what did I do with my time? Let’s take a look:

10:30- wake up, chat with family.

11:00ish- take change to the CoinStar machine, collect $40.

11:15ish- go to GrayWhale, buy Disturbed’s album “Believe”. That is an excellent album, probably the only one of theirs that I like. I highly recommend it, if you are into that kind of music. And by ‘that kind of music’, I mean the kind that will put hair on your chest.

1:00pm- go home, chat with family. Wait for From Russia with Love to be done with school.

1:30pm- From Russia with Love arrives, eat hot dogs for lunch.

2:00pm- nap time.

4:00pm- wake up, go clothes shopping for From Russia with Love. And get Orange Julius… Mmm.

6:30pm- get home (after spending 2 and a half hours to acquire one shirt), and hang out for a bit before the play starts.

7:30pm- watched Fuddy Meers play at the Black Box Theatre in the Salt Lake Community College.

9:30pm- get out of play, feed Crazy Old Lady’s miscellaneous animals.

10:30pm- eat dinner at Wingers.

11:15pm-ish- get home; relax for the remainder of the evening.

Pretty good day if you ask me. And it was just what the doctor ordered. I feel relaxed and energized today (sort of, just waiting for the coffee to kick in). The play was somewhat good, however I don’t think it was the best they could have done. The acting was terrible; the comedy was badly timed and poorly delivered. There was so much promise and it could have been so much better. There were a few scene stealing actors, all of whom were supporting cast though. Also, there were a few actors that I just thought were plain bad for the parts that they were cast in. I may just blame it on the fact that they all seemed tired, and probably were. It was still nice to be out and about however.

And with April being almost over, I am already planning for May. “Why am I looking forward to May so much?” you may be asking. Well, here we are, Why I am Looking Forward to May:

- 11 days off of school!!!
- Iron Man out May 2nd.
- Drawn Together season 3 DVD comes out May 13th.
- Chuck Palahniuk’s new book “Snuff” comes out May 20th.
- Indiana Jones 4 comes out May 22nd.

And what about after May? What am I going to do then? Well…

- Venture Bros. season 3 starts June 1st!
- Futurama: “Beast with a Billion Backs” DVD out June 24th.
- Plus much more!

One more thing: an addition to the “ways to announce you are lame” list:

When I was getting out my class Wednesday and getting into my car (parked at the top of the campus), a guy asked me: “Are you going down the hill?”

To which I replied: “um… yes.”

Guy: “can you give me a ride down there?”

Me, slightly confused: “…no.”

How needs a ride downhill? Really!?!

That will do it for me today folks. Be prepared for whining due to finals!