Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weekend Update

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, it’s time for the weekend update. Yes, I know I have not posted much recently, but there simply isn’t a lot going on in my life to post. There is only one class that I currently have, and it is going well I think. So here is the one class checklist:

Undergrad Lab- We have been playing with radioactive materials these past couple of weeks. It has been somewhat cool, using the Geiger Counter and all. However, this has been the most time consuming and tedious lab to date. The Post-report is due on Tuesday, and my lab partner and I have not finished with all of our data plots yet. That is going to be an interesting push, but I think that we should do well.

Other things have been going great. From Russia with Love’s birthday was this week, and for this momentous occasion I got her a PSP. She loves it, and I feel that I have some competition for her attention now. Usually it is the other way around, but that means I have more time to play with my laptop.

Oh, by the way, I bought a laptop.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this in other posts (I don’t have them to read over right now) but it has me giddy with delight. I just need to procure a couple of programs for it, and it will be the best tool I can think of in aiding my education. After all, I am a Physics major, which makes me a nerd of high order, and we nerds love our gizmos and electronic what-nots.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Slacking

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, I updated yesterday with all of the new things, and the ‘what’s-goings-on’ in my last week. So do not expect much of that today. Except for last night…

Last night- After work I gave one of my co-workers a ride home, and then I went to a bar and met up with some old friends, Double-A and B Dawg. We hung out and played pool until the wee hours of the morning. It was nice to see them again, especially since I have no life to speak of outside of school and work.

Robot names- I found a fun thing on the web the other day. What you do is enter a name, and it turns it into an acronym for a robot. Sounds nerdy and pointless right? And, yes, it is both of those. So being the fan of nerdy and pointless that I am; here are two names that I entered into the Robot Name Gizmometer Thingy:

O.ptimized for


E.ngineered for

Cool right?

Oh, and last night at work (in the seemingly endless amount of free time we seem to have) I wrote a ‘rules and code of conduct’ for time travel at the work place. Here they are, the Guidelines for Time Travel in the Workplace:

Then the rules and code of conduct are as follows:

1. Any time travel must be done off work property. Driving 88 miles per hour in the parking lot is prohibited.

2. If you go back in time, and wake up me before 8 am, your time travel privileges are null and void.

3. If you travel back in time to the night before, you must take me with you so I may have a beer with myself.

4. Any rips, tears, fluctuations or wrinkles in the Space-Time Continuum are the sole responsibility of the traveler, and not the persons in any past or future time frames.

5. If you go forward in time and wish to procure future delicious ingredients for a pie, you must share this pie with your fellow co-workers.

6. You must also share the recipe for the above said Time Pie.

Lastly but not least, I noticed something on the freeway today that made my ‘ways to publicly announce that you are lame’ list.

-I saw two bikers that actually had ‘Wild Hogs’ embroidered on their jackets. Yes, from the lame ass movie with Jon Travolta. It’s bad enough that they have to have the embroidered jackets, but the lack of creativity and taste? Come on people…

That’s about all the blogging I can muster for the day everyone, so good night and good luck on the Monday. Oh, and one more thing before I go:

Welcome Back Hank and Dean!