Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back Again- And Returning With Updates.

Good evening every one,

Once again- it’s been a while since I’ve been online long enough to do anything but check the ol’ email. And it’s not because of a lack of interest or anything. That would be the last thing that would keep me off the blog. Trust me, it’s one of my saving graces. I just have not had much time for anything.

If all keeps on track like it has been thus far this semester, I will be (if not already) down to my “weekly posts”. Just simply because life’s little complications have their way of inhibiting fun…

So, then, now that I have some time to blog, what’s new? You ask.

Not much. School has not been that “fun” since the Cloud Chamber thing. Now, it’s just the math behind it. Yup, I gots’ homework out the eyeballs again… I hope they make some sort of pill for that… kinda gross.

Work is just work. And that’s that. Nothing for better or for worse; and no news is good news.

From Russia with Love and her friends took a road trip to L.A., so I have some “extra” free time the next couple of days. What will I do with it? Probably nothing. I would have liked to have gone to L.A. too, but I could not get the school and work schedules to cooperate.

Well, that was about three and change paragraphs about nothing. Here is something of substance: another Book Rant!

Watchmen I knew nothing of this comic when I picked up a copy. I am not one who is terribly interested in comics, as they usually bore the hell out of me. But I heard some people talking in the physics library about it, the new movie of it coming out, and I was in the bookstore and saw a book called Philosophy and the Watchmen. So I thought “Uncle! I give up! I have to find out what this is all about!”

And I’m happy I did. The book was amazing. Even for a comic book (graphic novel to be exact), and the story was exciting, the characters deep (once again, for a comic book I was surprised), and it was just a great read all around. It even had a twisted sense of humor. Just fantastic. Pick up a copy. Read it, look at every pane of animation, and notice all the clues, pretty good drawing and, well, it’s just a hell of a ride. Really.

And now a cartoon update (come on folks, you know me, what kind of pod person would you think I became if I did not mention this):

Futurama! New DVD today! It’s called Into The Wild Green Yonder. It might be the last outing of our future friends, so enjoy folks!

(yes, at this time I also realized I had become somewhat of a pod person for not mentioning Frisky Dingo season 2, but it’s annother story, and an acquired taste. Ask Dr. MookieLove)

That should do it for me tonight folks. I hope I was atl least somewhat entertaining. I will keep this up as much as time permits, but no promises. Like I said- I’m probably going to go on that weekly stretch that I have a tendency to do.