Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some Lazy Afternoon Thoughts

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, I have now taken to updating this thing just about once a week. This has resulted from:

A: I do not have enough time to update this every day.

B: Most of the people who I keep this for do not read it on a regular basis.

C: I do not have enough time to update this every day.

So, I will update as often as I can, but right now it looks like it will just be on the weekends. Part B from above does not concern me as much, because I enjoy the writing anyway, and since I do not have a “comments” feature (on purpose), I do not know how many secret fans that I have. Or secret critics… but those people can remain secret.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty blogging. Thing of note the first: A correction. In my last post I said that nothing has been happening at work of note. What a liar I am! And where are my manners!? We had a group outing at the Hollywood Connection. Good times were had by all. After that, we went to the manager’s house, and partied until the wee hours of the morning. Good times. Now for the checklist:

Under Grad Lab- We had a "Laboratory Practical Examination" on Friday. That consist of an experiment that we have to complete in one lab section, and it is all on our own. Other than being a little slow at first, I basically sailed through the thing, except that I had done one thing wrong that I had to go back and fix. The Professor pushed back a lot of due dates for some of our other experiments, so that helps a little with the time planning.

O.D.E.’s and Linear Algebra- I know I mentioned the Maple project before, and what a pain it is becoming. Well, I thought that it was due yesterday, and spent about 5 hours Thursday evening working on it. I went to hand it in yesterday morning, and was informed that I have another couple of weeks time on this thing. I almost asked the Teacher (I say teacher because he is a grad student, and not an actual doctor of any sort, but then again, neither am I… yet) to repeat himself, because my brain had temporarily blanked with rage. At least I have more time though. For what I don’t know exactly.

Other things have not really been going at all. I have not done anything interesting in the form of recreation in quite some time, since the afternoon skiing. And it may stay that way most of the way through summer. Other things of note: From Russia with Love’s foot is doing better, still a little bruised, but ok. I also have a bit of a rash that looks like the Chicken Pox, but it is not I swear. The Dermatologist told me it was some kind of a reaction I had to a flu virus, and that it will go away soon. So if you see me and are wondering what is wrong with my arms, I hope that you will read this first, because I am tired of wearing long sleeve shirts in the middle of June.

Also: notice to the right of this page, I have new links. One is for the Photography page (I will update soon I promise!) and the other is a new page that I have made just for movie reviews. Yes, that means that I will no longer be posting them here, and some of the reviews may be up before the movie is out! So visit away, and become privy to information that few people have!

That will do it for me today folks, because I have to get back to… well… whatever it is that I do here at work.