Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 Days In The Mile High City, Part I

Good evening everyone.

Yeah, I’m just sitting and relaxing here at home after a day of travel. So, yeah, From Russia with Love and I just got back from Denver. It was a really nice place. Granted, there is not a lot to attract tourists to Denver, but it’s a fun city. We arrived on Monday, and went right to the hotel to shrug off some jet lag. Then we met up with Dr. MookieLove and went to The Rock Bottom Brewery for a bite to eat. Great food. After that; we went for a walk downtown. Here are some of the sights:

Dr. MookieLove practices his art

This MilkShake brings every one to the yard.

Interesting. Anyway, the next day it was off to the Denver Aquarium. We took a walk from the hotel (about 3 miles each way) and saw some more of the city. Here are sights from the walk:

And the aquarium:

The Wild Yellow Pages, in their natural habitat.

And a piranha with a bite taken out. I thought it was too funny.

After that it was back to downtown to party it up. Great night life in the Lower Downtown area. Every corner had some kind of brewery and restaurant, and in between were bars and clubs, with the occasional dentists office, or some such thing. No pictures from that night though. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera...
Stay tuned folks! Part II is coming soon!