Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Clip Show Trip

Hello folks! I’m back from the trip. Actually I’ve been back for a few days but the Christmas shopping has taken its toll on my blogging time. So, without further adieu, here is my trip in blog form (a very quick rundown):

Day 1: at the airport and Half Moon Bay, or A.K.A. celebrities and a lost boy

First off, I hate the security at the airport. If I had to take any thing else off I wanted tips. Any way, we were waiting for our plane and then the girls started to screetch and shout and in that painful noise were the words “Todd” and “Survivor”. So I guess Todd from Survivor walked by. That drug all the girls across the terminal for a while. Amongst all for that noise, there was the announcer voice saying: “we have a lost child, wearing…” and lucky us, he was sleeping under the chairs right by us, so we waived the police over and all was right with the world for the time being.

Half Moon Bay was amazing. The resort was spectacular and the view right out my window was the beach and cliffs. Very picturesque, so what did I do you might ask? Took pictures, and loved it. We went on the hotel tour and talked with every one and did all the work business, then it was time for dinner. The first thing that I will say about this is that I was very nervous about my manners and such. That was not a problem however. The food was spectacular. After dinner we went out to the patio area of the hotel and had a sort of informal meet and greet with some of the hotel staff. And that I had to be there for, so unfortunately I did not get to see my Aunt L. that evening, but it was still fun. Lots of crazy stories circulated about with every one, some about things that were over heard in the club lounge (including a former Adult Film Star having inappropriate conversations and a girl that was actually from my Optics class there screwing the boss at her work). So the next thing that we did was go to the Club Lounge to get in on some of the interesting happenings, but sadly they were done upon our arrival. So we hung out there until close and had some wine. Then it was to one of the rooms to watch a movie. That lasted approximately 10 minutes. Every one was so tired that the movie had just started and then the party died. I went across the hall to my room and went to bed.

Day 2: Half Moon over to Frisco

The next morning I woke up, went to the Club Lounge for a bite to eat then I went to the patio area to just watch the waves all morning. A very leisurely start to the hectic day. We departed Half Moon Bay and drove to the hotel in San Francisco. The ambiance there was much less laid back, and not as much fun at the property as the other. We had a few hours of free time, and the hotel being only a couple of blocks from China Town, that is where we went. Walking and laughing and buying useless and gross and fun souvenirs. I bought some good tea as well. Fantastic tea in China town. Then it was the usual business of meet and greet hotel staff and tours and the like. After that dinner. The food I was a little disappointed in. Not as good as Half Moon, but still an excellent steak. The free time that evening we went down to union Square and most every one was running and screwing off, spreading the Christmas cheer (or annoyance, either/or). The stores were closed, but the walk/adventure was compleate with pictures and pot smoking bums and a waterfall of piss left by an embarrassed fellow who didn’t know we were about to walk up those stairs.

Day 3: the tour and to home

When we awoke we all met in the club lounge for breakfast. Sometimes I think fancy can get ridiculous. I ate oatmeal out of a martini glass. ‘Nuff said. After breakfast we went on a bus tour of San Francisco. There is not much to say, because most every one reading this has been there done that. The walk on Fisherman’s Warf was fun, and also the home of the next celebrity sighting. The guy was apparently on some rap show on tv that I have never seen, so I will spare you those details as well (just the gardener from “Desperate Housewives”).

Then it was pretty much uneventful all the way home. Now I’m tired, so that’s it. I will fill in more details as they come, but that’s the trip in a nutshell. I will have pictures up soon, and this site looks like it may not provide what I want, so I may just have a link to another site with them.

Good night all.