Saturday, June 14, 2008

What, Me Blog?!?

Good evening everyone.

Has it really been a week? Have I really been neglecting every one for seven entire days? You know, that could be one day for every Deadly Sin, but my life is not that interesting.

My week has consisted of school, work and other activities of the fantastic and magical such as home work. If you are not familiar with the concept of home work, it is work that you should normally do at school, but you can take it home with you! You can do it in your free time! Because everyone knows I have way too much of that…

School- School has been going sufficiently fine, even now that I my math class has started up. Under Grad Lab is eating up more and more of my time, and the math class is requiring more time than I had previously estimated, because the Professor is having us do Maple projects in addition to the normal grind of class work and studying.

Work- Work is getting more and more irritating, because I am having to do more phone time. That would not be a bad thing if people were competent, patient and somewhat intelligent. Sadly, this is not the case. The average person in the world has none of the previously mentioned qualities. That makes my shift an exercise in futility, trying to explain simple concepts like: “we are sold out” and such to the severely mentally retarded. Few things can frustrate me to the degree that my phone hours do. All in all, it just makes me loose all my faith in the human race, that we are an astonishing and exceptional species, and we deserve to have our mark left on the universe, so that some one, at some point far away from now may find a trace of our civilization, and think: “what an amazing place in time this place must have been”. As far as I am concerned, I could not give a rat’s ass about the far future. Really. If you want to see the darkest and dumbest side of people, be a policeman or work in any type of retail. It will suck out and destroy any faith in humanity that you may have.

On a lighter side, now that I am done ‘venting’, From Russia with Love and I went ad saw the new Hulk movie. So, here is my review:

The Incredible Hulk- This movie was much better than any others about this particular guy that I have seen. Just like Iron Man, I never really read the comic books, because they were boring. But they made for a damn good movie. It was not as good as other superhero movies, but definitely worth the price of admission. “Hulk smash! Me type!”