Friday, October 10, 2008

An Accomplishment Electric

Good afternoon everyone,

For those of you who I see on a regular basis, you all know about my irritations with my electronics class, especially the lab section. Here is a glimpse of what I have been doing in there:

This mess took me 2+ hours to wire de-bug. Guess what is does?

Drum-roll please......

Tah-Duh! It counts from 0 to 9! That's right! Not 8, or that whimpy 7- but 9!

Truely a Miracle of Modern Technology (basically, I have built myself an obnoxious 2 year old. But at least I can take it apart without going to jail)... I just fear it will become self aware-

... aaand might end up being something like a mix between this:

and this:

(If you are a fan of ATHF, that was very funny)

Or maybe thinking about this stuff is the only thing that gets me through that time in that miserable hole they call the electronics lab. But so I don't end on a bad note, the view from the physics buildings is quite spectacular:

... Ahhh- Fall Break has begun. Time to relax.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fair Follies and Fall Break

Good afternoon everyone,

How do you spell relief?- F-A-L-L B-R-E-A-K. That is coming up right after my Electronics Lab and Lecture tonight. I will update the R&D Pages with more of my school work over the break, because I do plan on spending the entire thing studying. I know, for as excited as I seemed in sentences before, it will give me a nice opportunity to do some much needed catching up. Not only that, but I may have time to read other things than text books... finally...

In other news; I went to the campus Science and Technology Career Fair. Being a Physics Major, I thought that would be an excellent place to seek out future employment and opportunities. To my dismay, this was not exactly the case. There were a few places that seemed promising, but I did not appreciate the eye-rolling and laughter because you are looking for a "(insert type here) Engineer", and not anyone who has any type of physics degree... Oh, and get this- I was told by a nuclear power plant company that, and I quote: " we are not really looking for physicists. There might be a job you can do here or there, but we generally don't look for physics majors."- Really? Are you kidding? You dunces deserve all of your hippie protestors.

And the two old biddies who actually laughed at me, and I quote again: "Applied Physics! Ha-ha, oh... what on earth were you thinking you could do with that? Good luck! Hah-ha" Well, hag, here is my answer: a lot more than you, because remember; you are working at a career fair! That is the high point of your professional life!

I would like to thank those who were patient, even though I was not their ideal employee, and a special thanks to everyone who actually helped out with career options (3 total, including the F.B.I., N.S.A., and the nice fellow from Dougway). To everyone else, I am sorry that I could not bring more to your company. If you should change your mind, I have prepared a special Cover Letter and Resume for you:

Dear Giggling Biddies and Eye-Rolling Recruiters: