Saturday, January 19, 2008

School and the Attack of the Dissapointing

Well everyone, I know it’s been a while since I posted. I am going to keep up on that more now that school is in. So first off is the checklist:

Quantum Mechanics- this class is getting more interesting. And I’m not goona lie, I am taking a break from the home work to type this. I just couldn’t handle any more probability integrals for the time being.

Thermodynamics- still waiting for the bookstore to get the stupid book in. that frustrates me to no end. It’s a new edition, so finding one used is terribly unlikely, and I have it on order, just taking forever. The class itself is covering molecule behavior with different pressures and temperatures for gasses.

Theoretical Electromagnetism- is quite interesting. I have to do more reading to, well, “understand” a lot of what is being said. Moreover, it’s complicated and I need some review.


Blair-Zilla. I mean Cloverfield (sorry, my bad). I did not really care for this movie. When I first heard the premise, which is a giant monster of sorts attacks New York and the movie is basically the home video recordings of a group trying to survive the attack, I was disappointed. I went with the vein hope of being surprised with something new, or there being some other reason that this movie was made other than to re-hash the done-before and re-package it as new, and was disappointed again. The home video angle was done already with the Blair Witch Project, and they did not even try to put another angle on that, just home video stuff. That and the giant monster was a reptilian looking thing that busted up buildings and such. Sounds like Godzilla to me. So, Mr. Abrams, what is better that ripping off one movie? Ripping off TWO movies. The movie was well acted, had good effects, and yada yada yada, but the lack of originality was staggering. Just mixing things already done before with no new elements. Wait for the dollar theatre everyone.

That’s my evenings 2 cents.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scholasticism and Mysticism

Well, I’m here at work till 1am tonight and back at 1130am tomorrow. But after that there are a few days off. The weekend is going well (what is outside of work). School is good so far other that I still do not have my Thermodynamics book (stupid bookstore is sure taking their time on getting it in). I had a tarot card reading from my friend Bubbles here at work about the outcome of the semester. It was a 3 card reading, so here are the results of that:

Card 1- Ten of Swards

This card is supposed to represent the past. Or with this specific question asked, is how I got to this situation. And the card is a bad one. Basically it is “Ruin”. Well, yes I have had problems at school, maybe wasted some time, and had less than desirable grades at times, and study issues etc., but I would not call it “Ruin”. More like I’ve learned a few lessons the hard way.

Card 2- Seven of Swards

This card is supposed to be danger or a challenge, and represents the present. It basically is stating the obvious, that if I slack off, and with classes like these that is a big “No-No”, so the point of this one: study. And work I guess, because I am at a point in school where I am not going to get by on the skin of my teeth anymore. How would Harry Potter say it? “Lazy-us be gone-us!”

Card 3- (I don’t remember the number) of Hearts

I really don’t remember the number of the card, but I do remember the meaning. This card represents the future. And the point of this one was reflection and re-organization or a re-evaluation of sorts. It fits well, considering I will be starting another semester in less than two weeks after this one.

And I have not seen any note worthy movies lately, nor read anything other than text books, so I have nothing new to post about that.

Today From Russia with Love and I went to the Mayan to watch people try out for the new diver positions that opened. Some of them were servers that had the attitude of “that’s easy. Any one can do that!” and we watched them shake in fear and back away or land painfully in the water. One girl was actually on her way off the rock (about 25 feet high or so) when she slipped and into the water she went anyway. I felt bad for her, because she was a kitchen sweeper and wanted to do something more fun, and when she had the chance, got so scared she decided to quit, then fell ass backwards into the water. When you have an opportunity to reach out for something better, the worst thing is quitting, that will sit in your conscience for a long time. Even if you do not get it, when you have the chance to reach for a better anything, grab it and hold on as long as you can. If the opportunity passes, make sure it knows it was in a fight.

I haven’t been shooting much with my new camera (haven’t had the time) but I will post the pics as soon as I can. I know I say that a lot, and I was thinking about getting another site just for those (still may happen), but other matters are more pressing.