Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reprezentin' The Nerd-Life

[The following is real grafitti in the mens room in the North Physics building]

What's uppitie yall',

I thought today I would give a shout-out to all my homies livin' the Nerd Life.
Tis' tha hard life yo:

Forget da East Side- West Side; we gotz the Normal-Vector, sin(a), cos(a), and a shiz-load of other dimentions bee-atch!:

Tangent si-eeed!

Oh, what's dis?:

Momentum! Holla!

Don't be hatin' on the kinematics thug, they's here too:

For realz thug- BOOSH!. Keepin' it real with the Story Problem!

Yea- And dis homie too:

True homie. So true.

Livin' the life aint eazy:

Keep up the fight dawg!

M to the S out~

(I think the only thing more hilarious that nerds actually having math equations for grafitti is me trying to fake like I know the slang kids are using these days. I am not a big fan of rap music (in fact, I have yet to hear any I like), and I think it shows. When I first noticed this I was chuckling for hours... and I hope I made you do the same. Good night all.)