Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unexpected Adventure in Tampa


It obviously has been quite a while since I have been online. To tell you the truth, nothing much has happened this summer. I worked, went to school and that’s about it. Wash rinse repeat.

I finally got out of town last week. Went to Disney World!

I will have pictures soon (maybe). They are a bit of a pain in the ass to upload to blogger.

And yesterday, on the flight home I had to ride the inflatable slide out the plane door!!! Need proof? Click here or here.

Pretty much right after takeoff, the flight was quite painfully normal. The stewardess got our drink orders and such, and I was happily reading. Then there was a high pitched whistle coming from the back of the plane. Turns out that it was a fire alarm. I did not know it yet.

The stewardess said that they were going to hold off on bringing us our drinks, and they sat down, along with everyone, with the seat belts fastened. Then From Russia with Love notices that the sun was coming through the windows on the wrong side of the plane.

After she brought that to my attention, I also thought that it was a bit odd. We had, in fact, turned around.

Then the pilot came on the speaker, and said “We have had some technical problems, and are going to be landing in Tampa in about 10 minutes”.

Then a few people started to freak out and what-not. I kept my cool, because I am awesome like that.

When we landed in Tampa, the plane stopped in the runway, and about 3 or more fire trucks and police cars drove up to the plane. We had to stay seated while they did whatever it is they had to do. You know, inspecting this and that. Then the intercom came on again “Attention passengers. We are going to be evacuating the plane. Please leave all belongings, and head to the nearest exit.”

I filed down the isle of confused people, and when I got to the door, the stewardess told me to fold my arms and jump. I did, right down the inflatable slide. It was kind of fun actually. Best de-boarding ever. We were taken in large groups away from the plane. We waited for the buses to come and take us to the terminal, and watched firemen and police look at the plane.

The worst part was actually watching the other passengers. There was the fat guy with no hair and a shiny red face who got scraped on the way don the slide, talking with his wife and hysterical daughter about a potential lawsuit, and an older nerdy guy with square glasses bitching about not having any food, and cutting in every line we had to get into. Those are the kind of people that always die in the first few minutes of a disaster movie, and need a swift kick in the balls in real life.

All in all, it was about a two hour delay, and finally something to blog about. I will update with details on Disney World later when I have more time.

It’s good to be back in the blogiverse!!!