Friday, August 29, 2008

Signs Humanity Is Doomed

Good afternoon everyone,

I ran across an interesting bit of news that I thought I would share. My brother said he verified this on Snopes, so as far as I know- it is true. One does not even need to read the entire story- the picture is plenty. It leads to an important conclusion: Humanity is Doomed. If these types of people are breeding, we are all doomed.

I think this needs no further introduction. Behold (please click to enlarge if needed):

Yes, she is pregnant.
Yes, she is concerned that the jackhammers of all things are causing damage to her unborn child.

...and, yes, she is smoking a cigarette.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Illogical Deduction

Good morning everyone,

Being that I am working for the better part of this fine Thursday, I don't have much to say. So I am going to spend some time going over some business terms that I have encountered here to draw an important conclusion. This conclusion is a startling revelation coming from in the torrid depths of my psyche.

The most important phrase concerning the above mentioned terms is Efficiency. This concept is governed by one of the most fundamental laws in physics: the energy going into a system must be equal to the energy going out, or better known as the Law of Conservation of Energy. Here, for example, this translates into me needing more energy. One can also apply this law to other business terms to achieve an appropriate definition or, better yet; a situation appropriate interpretation of their meaning. Observe:

Quality Control: I need more coffee.

Consistency: I need more coffee.

Efficiency: I need more coffee.

Productivity: I need more coffee.

Conclusion: all of my higher order brain functions are absent prior to 10 am.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Full Swing (Already)

Good evening everyone,

Well, school has started, and is getting into full swing. Not only that, I have two classes that are going to be project heavy. That means less time on the computer blogging, and more time on the computer working. I think for now I will do a start of the semester checklist. I know, I said the checklist was going to be on The Research and Development Pages from now on, and it will be. Consider this a plug of sorts for the other page (not that I get any money for it or anything). Just check it out if these particular subjects will interest you:

Partial Differential Equations- This is one of the last math classes that I have to take. It will be of little interest to many, so I may not post any of the nitty gritty details. However, there will be some. The professor is good (so far), and the material is not bad actually (so far).

Computational Physics- This one a may post quite a bit about, not because it is heavily interesting, just because it will already be on the computer and will make for an easy post if I am tired and feeling exceptionally lazy.

Electronics- This is actually a basic electronics course, or electronics 1. For the same reasons above, there will be a lot of posting on this one.

Analytical and Quantum Mechanics- There will probably not be a lot of posting on this one, because it will require a lot of typing. If you have seen my other course notes that I have posted before, they are actually a rather significant pain in the posterior to type up in that fashion. But if there is anything wildly interesting, I will let you know.

Other things have been great, other than school starting. And that is not a bad thing really. It just means burning the candle at both ends, but it will keep me busy. That is what matters. I really don’t know what to do with myself otherwise. It gets kinda scary…

I had coffee with my buddy Steve-O the other day at Salt Lake Roasting Co. coffee shop. Great little place if you ask me. It just reminds me how bad I really am at things in a social atmosphere. When taken into account how in-frequently I actually see my friends (the ones outside of work of course), it is surprising that most of them actually still talk to me. I’m not rude or neglectful or avoiding anyone, really! Just busy. I promise. Sorry about that rant- just felt a little guilty I guess. Speaking of guilty- I gave my buddy Dr. MookieLove a hard time about not giving my blog an award nomination that they are passing around. Honestly- it was in jest. I wouldn’t give this thing an award either…

Seeing as how I have not done much of anything else lately, I will leave you with that. Before I start to complain more…

Oh, I do have one grievance- To the lazy douche who was working the drive through at Sconecutter today: I don’t care how many tattoos you have, or how sideways you wear your hat, or how “cool” you can be at work- you suck at your job. Really. When someone orders a combo, and you fail to give them a drink, don’t look at them with your mouth open and wonder what the hell they are waiting for. And don’t act all put-out when I actually have you get one for me. Jerk…