Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hey everyone!

So I do not have much to post today, however I do bring good news! The Photo Page is now up and fully operational!

Just click the link on the right and it will take you there, for your viewing pleasure.

However, they are not “new” photos, they are ones that I have on the computer already. So, Mom, and From Russia with Love, they are ones that you have already seen. But now you can look at them without being in my room! I understand that can be a little crazy sometimes.

Also for today’s post I thought I would take a free association quiz I found on my buddy Dr. MookieLoves blog, because I need a checklist of some sort right?

Ok, here we go:

1. Beer: 7-11
2. Anorexic: Paris Hilton
3. Relationships: with who?
4. Purple: Rome
5. Power Rangers: Ruined a generation of children.
6. Weed: pull
7. Steroids: big muscles and tiny balls.
8. Cartoons: a way of life
9. The President: blue suits and bad hair cuts.
10. Tupperware: lids that never fit right
11. Best Vacation: palm trees and old places
12. Santa Claus: red
13. Halloween: trick or treat
14. Bon Jovi: butt rock
15. Grammar: English books from high school
16. Facebook: ouch!?
17. Worst Fear: becoming nothing…..
18. Marriage: meh….
19. Paris Hilton: (see #2)
21. Redhead: freckles
22. Blonde: Aunt L.
23. Pass the Time: bored
24. One Night Stands: more exercise than a one night sit…
25. Donald Trump: admit it, you’re BALD!!!!!
26. Neverland: ME!!!!
27. Pixie Sticks: On vanilla ice cream....
28. Vanilla Ice Cream: Yaaaay!
29. High School: bad times and cheerleaders.
30. Work: (see #23)
31. Pajamas: never fit quite right.
32. Woods: lost.
33. Wet Sock: I had fun.
34. Alcohol: bottles and brown liquid.
35. Love: From Russia with?

Was I the only one that noticed the lack of #20?


Friday, February 8, 2008

Slim Friday Post

Evening everyone,

Yesterday was a bit of a study-a-thon to say the least. About 8 hours of it or so, all for a test today that I think I did decent on.

Hey let’s do the checklist:

Thermodynamics- This is the class that the mid-term was in. I spent all day yesterday and last night studying for this monster. And as it turns out, the entire test was open note/book. That sounded awewsome until I got the test, and to my dismay it was hard enough that the notes/books were somewhat useless. Go figure.

Everything else is going well now that it’s the weekend. Yes I still have small amounts of homework, but I plan on doing a lot of slacking. Going through school and work, I have lots of nothing piling up, and I need to get on top of that soon.

Also, due to the recent developments as mentioned above, I have not done the photo page. I will try for this weekend, but no promises.

Today’s is a short one, I know. Hopefully this will be the end of your reading on Monday, because I hope to be posting this weekend. So to leave you all on a cool note, here is the new teaser poster for the next James Bond movie:



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday Post

Good afternoon every one,

Today is rather slow, I just had one class and now work. So we can only put a couple of items on the check list. Here’s what I got:

Quantum Mechanics and Relativity- This is getting cooler by the day. We are knee deep in Relativity and getting deeper. It’s really interesting, especially when the professor’s introductory remarks on the subject are: “If you just forget your idea of the normal passage of time, this will be much easier.” How awesome is that? I am loving this class to say the least.

Theoretical Electromagnetism- Ok, I was not the expert that I hoped I would be, but I had come close. In fact, I would say about 80% of what I wanted, which is not bad. He also did not cover all the necessary material last time, which means that homework for the time being has been postponed. That will give me time (this is the normal passage of time mind you) to fill the remaining 20%, assuming of course by brain is not “full”.

Work- Is slow. That’s about all I have to say about that. People are getting new positions, transferring around, and kind of just disappearing as other opportunities present themselves. I will be here as long as I can, at least through college, but hoping for more on the horizon (obviously, if I went through all this school and just stayed here, I would be pissed).

Other things are going well, I printed some of my pictures last night (to From Russia with Love’s dismay/boredom) from my trip in December and hope to put those up tonight on the Photography page (the link on the left, appropriately labeled). I haven’t watched any movies lately, or read any interesting books, just text books and the usual cartoons. I know, my life can be very uninteresting at times. So what can be interesting? How about the news:

Hippies strike (or not?) again….

Get a load of this: I found an article on Yahoo News saying that voters are going to decide today on whether to transform Alcatraz (a.k.a. one of the coolest places in the Bay Area, a close second behind my Aunt L.’s pad) into a “Global Peace Center”. That’s not the worst of it. The plans are to make a Medicine Wheel (ride?), a Labyrinth (wouldn’t take much work) and a conference room for non-violent conflict resolution. In doing so, ruining one of my favorites! I know, I am one to embrace the counter culture at times, but this is ridiculous. All of this was from Da Vid, the president of the How Can We Ruin Every Thing For Everyone Else? Organization, a.k.a. HCWRETFEE?O. This is actually on the ballot folks! And all I have to say is: Peace Conference Room huh? Let’s take it outside then.

Hell in a hand basket every one. There is not Hell on a Bus joke here, because the antagonists here (irony?) are probably incapable of driving, and that’s not a pot joke. I think they are just too retarded. Oh, sorry ‘Da Vid’, I mean ‘Re Tardeed’ (thanks to Dr. MookieLove for that one). I will post some Alcatraz pictures that I took from my last trip for posterity, because it may start to suck very soon, under the control of people who literally can’t spell their own name.

Today is Fat Tuesday, the procrastinating holiday of vice. Enjoy yourselves everyone, for tomorrow is Lent. Lent is the religious tradition of asking yourself “Where the beads worth it?” If the answer is yes, then you have done well. If the answer is no, you need cooler friends.