Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Quick and The Busy

Well I ended up with a few minutes to kill here at work, so I figured I would update this thing at least once more before Thanksgiving.

There is not a lot to say. From Russia with Love’s play King Lear closes tonight. That will make her happy. Don’t get me wrong, she loves acting, but this has been a little stressful for her. I took her flowers after the play last night. I always thought that was supposed to be a tradition for closing night. Boy oh boy how incorrect I was. Apparently it is kosher to bring them at any time you attend the play. So when I went and sat through the thing I showed with no sorts of greenery. How embarrassing. But at least I brought them at some point right? Sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

We are going to see Beowulf tomorrow night, and I am thoroughly excited about that. I will let you all know what I think (of course, isn’t that all I do here?).

And school is just dandy as hard candy. The test I had in calculus went “so-so”, or let’s just say that I am thankful for partial credit. Optics has a test on Wednesday that has got me stressed out of any sort of common sense. I can’t even think about it without messing my shorts.

That will just about do it for me folks. I hope I can write again before the holiday, but no promises.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

All Quiet on the Cold Front (sort of)...

I know I haven’t updated in a long while, but school has got me sooo busy in this last little while my head is spinning in 10 directions at once. That and it's been getting progressively colder, which just makes me want to do nothing at all but sit home with a hot cup of tea and read.

School is going well, Optics is almost done. I have an exam next Wednesday and a calculus exam this Friday, with all sorts of home work in between. The classes have been running behind, so all the professors are just trying to cram in as much as they can before the Thanksgiving Holiday, so they will be up to speed when we return for the last few weeks of class.

The Modern Optics labs that I love oh so much (if you’re sarcasm bells aren’t ringing off the hook right now, please have them inspected) are being cut short. That last part was not sarcasm, the professor is so far behind he dropped the last two labs that we have to do because there is no way he will be caught up with his lectures in time for us to do them. And now, I only have one left. This is the sigh of relief and joy that will be heard (and read) for miles around.

The other classes are just plain busy. Not behind mind you, just packed. Calculus III is getting me a little bogged down, and the lab for PS & E II is as usual, however they are getting into the optics portion of that lab, and already having a more advanced optics course, that is almost a cake walk now.

Other things are going well. There is not much to report on in my home life (it’s comatose for the time being). From Russia with Love and I watched Big Trouble in Little China. If you have not seen this movie and happen to be a fan of tacky badly acted poorly written giddy fun this is a must see. It is hilarious. And rather weird too, with all sorts of happenings going on without explanation, but loads of mind numbing fun. I used to think this movie was cool in my younger years, and now upon the revisitation, I am re affirmed in my liking, just for different reasons. Ahh, good times.

That will do it for me tonight folks. More later, but not much more until Thanksgiving. Hope this will be enough to tide you over until the Holiday.