Monday, October 20, 2008

Election Coverage 08’

Good afternoon everyone,

I will not even bother with this crap. I had a witty, cleaver and funny post outlined, specifically regarding alternative party choices. But like I said- now I am not going to even bother. And why is that you might ask?

The election has now centered around a proverbial doofus who can’t keep his ass in his pants.

… well, shit.

Yes, America- that is what they think of you. Also, the fact that they need to put this out into the open to try and relate to us? Insulting if you ask me.

Not to mention that there is a candidate who screws up on an interview so bad, she gave Saturday Night Live enough material to get record ratings (repeatedly)… and thinking that being near Russia gives her foreign policy experience (trust me- I am around a Russian all the time, and I still do not understand her). And abusing her authority to have an ex-brother in law fired (just for being an ‘ex’). And last but not least, there is the candidate who thought she would be a good running mate (thus putting her an ‘old-mans-heartbeat’ away from being president).

I am laughing too hard to actually make my own jokes. To recycle the old saying: “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

To turn this on a serious note, there is a dark and horrible fact that is right in front of everyone’s faces. And that is the fact that this is actually a close race.

Sends chills down my spine… every time.